• Personal Training: Custom exercise programs to reach each client’s goals
  • Weight Loss: Focus on reduction of body fat
  • Cardiovascular & Interval Training: Increase endurance and stamina
  • Sport Specific: Master Trainer focuses on sport specific movements
  • Body Building: Creates muscle physique
  • Toning up / Body Sculpting: All-Around- Fitness & Calisthenics
  • Strength Training: Build lean muscle tissues​
  • Injury Recovery: Helps improve body movements​
  • Medical Exercise: Controlling high blood pressure, health & lifestyle issue
  • Pre-wedding goals: Help you achieve your goals for that special day
  • Prenatal Personal Training: Safe and effective exercise regimens for expectant Mothers
  • Youth Training: Expert youth trainers

    X 93 Fitness Gym

  • Functional Training: Total body movements​​
  • Boxing / Kick Boxing: Sculpting the body through Boxing / Kicking techniques
  • Celebrity Training: Custom and confidential training
  • 2 Fit Program: 2 people training with 1 Master Trainer. Perfect for couples and friends
  • and Much More…
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