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“Chris Fernandez is a wonderful man and a superb trainer. He is patient, focused, encouraging, knowledgeable, professional, talented, and ambitious. I recommend him without reservation”


“Chris Fernandez takes the time to create workouts specifically tailored to the needs of individuals. He accommodates to specific injuries or disabilities where present, in order to enhance both strength and mobility. I feel there is a genuine relationship with Chris. His positive “can do” attitude is consistent and he uses humor to create a lighthearted atmosphere. Chris gets results and he is genuinely invested in making a difference. I recommend Chris highly and without reservation.”


“I have been a client of Chris Fernandez for several years. Professionally, I am an Executive Coach who works with senior executives in Fortune 100 companies. Chris shares many of the characteristics of the most successful executives I work with. He has an unparalleled work ethic, working long hours while maintaining utmost professionalism and pleasantness. Self-motivated and ambitious, Chris has a growth mindset that drives him to learn and grow. He embraces challenges, persists in the face of setbacks, and sees effort as the path to mastery. Finally, Chris naturally develops deep rapport with everyone with whom he connects, forming a community of rallying support around him”

Executive Coach/ Author

“I met Chris Fernandez approximately 3 years ago. At that time I weighed 217 pounds and was about 50lbs overweight. He started training me and within 2 weeks of meeting him I quickly went to training 4 times a week. Needless to say he is a fantastic trainer, I lost 40 lbs in 5 months and continue to work on my weight and eating habits which he also advised me on. It is now a way of life for me and I continue to work with him on a regular basis. That will never end.


More important to me then all of that, is the fact that Chris’s spirit and energy are a constant positive influence for me in my life issues as well as weight issues. Getting to know him on a personal level, I see that his enthusiasm and determination in his own endeavors is unwavering. I would trust him with any aspect of my life and have adopted him into my family as well. I highly recommend Chris as a responsible and caring individual, and would be proud to stand behind him.”

Vice President of Design and Product Development of Judith Ripka

“I chose Chris as my trainer because I saw how he gave each of his clients careful attention and how he engaged his clients during their sessions. He pushes and inspires and knows how and when to modify to take pain into account or prevent an injury. Chris has changed me body and mind. His positive spirit and challenging workouts give the mind and body a happy jolt.”

Myriam Jaidi
Immigration Attorney

“Working with Vernon has totally changed the way I feel about fitness. I used to hate going to the gym. It seemed like such a futile effort – on hour on the elliptical, an over booked class – making zero headway. Now I spend a focused hour with Vernon working hard and seeing amazing results! Vernon is extremely tuned into my energy level and knows exactly how far to push me. I’m leaner and stronger in three one-hour sessions with Vernon then I ever was trying to make it happen on my own. Vernon is a great motivator and has become a real friend! I run a very busy event production company in NYC. My schedule can be unpredictable. Vernon ALWAYS makes time for me. He is extremely flexible and is willing to adjust my scheduled sessions when I need it. But he never let’s me off the hook. I love it.”

COO + Partner of Production Company

“I have been fortunate enough to have the amazing experience of training with Vernon for the past two years. During this time, we have worked closely to establish and achieve my personal fitness goals. He has developed a variety of individualized routines to help condition my body while providing me with strategies to use independently during workouts. He has been extremely knowledgeable, encouraging and supportive through assisting me in enhancing my overall health. We have worked together to create weekly nutritional plans and exercise challenges. Training with Vernon has proved amazing results to my mental health as a means of stress relief as well as my overall physical health. His consistent motivation and positive outlook have helped put me in the place that I am in today!”

Speech-Language Pathologist

“I never liked going to the gym because I never achieved the results I was aiming for. After 6 months of training with Master Trainer Vernon the greatest area of improvement is my strength and endurance. Not to mention that I’ve lost pounds, inches and have more energy and stamina. He created a fitness program specially for me to ensure that I achieve my goals and made going to the gym fun.


Master Trainer, Anthony has turned out to be a superb fit for me. It’s evident that having him as my trainer to guide, instruct and encourage has proven to be well suited. Thank you, Anthony!”


Program Director

“I have been training with Vernon for 6 years. He is motivating, creative, understanding, and most importantly knows how to get results.”

Sales Consultant, NYC

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