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  • Chris Fernandez
    Chris FernandezFounder  

    “Train the pain away.”

    Chris began his career in fitness inadvertently. As a teenager, Chris struggled with his weight. By the age of 21, Chris feeling the frustration of being overweight; he started working out. As a result, he became interested in Body Building and Power Lifting. His friends noticed a change in Chris and immediately asked that he train them too. The more Chris trained, the more he recognized how instinctively the skill came to him, and he has been helping others transform their own lives ever since.

    As an adult, the NYC native began working for private security firms. He worked as a bodyguard to high profile celebrities like Diana Ross, DMX just to name a few. He then began a career as a fitness trainer where he consulted as a second job. The more he trained people, the happier he became. In 2009, Chris decided to leave the private security industry and train people full time. Chris accepted a position with an elite New York Sport’s Club gym where he excelled leading the Master Trainers in the region. Chris was even ranked top 1 Master Trainer for the whole Company statewide and was later invited to attend NASDAQ closing in 2011 to ring the bell, he held the rank for several years until leaving and starting X93 Fitness

    In late 2011, Chris began to notice more and more clients foregoing their memberships to join specialized fitness studios. It was then; he decided to address a population whose needs were not being suitably met. Chris claims: “I found a flaw in the health club industry and fixed it. Clients were stuck between high gym membership fees, un-certified fitness trainers instructing them, wanting programs specific to their goals, but not necessarily being able to afford the one-on-one service.” In 2013, the positive-minded fitness guru founded the first X93 Fitness, LLC in Upper Westside of New York City. An affordable personal training studio dedicated to the transformation of one's mind, body & soul through health and fitness.

    Specialize: Bodybuilding, Power lifting, Corrective Exercise

    Certifications: Certified Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) in Corrective Exercise, Boxing Instructor, Kick Boxing, TRX, Senior Training Specialist, Kettle Bells, Sports Conditioning and Nutrition Coaching

    Awards and Recognition: Awarded Top District Performer for 1st Quarter 2009. Nominated Top (#1) Master Trainer for the New York City’ Club Region, 2011. Awarded Top Master Trainer for New York Sports Club Eastern District, 2010. Promoted to Assistant Fitness Service Manager/Master Trainer. Nominated Top (# 3) Master Trainer For the New York Sports Club Region, 2011. Ranked Top 5 Master Trainer, attended NASDAQ closing, 2011

    • Anthony Ortega
      Anthony OrtegaX93 Fitness Manager & Master Trainer

      Pain is Weakness leaving the body

      Training individuals is just a fraction of what I love to do. My passion in the wide variety of achieving health goals is the pleasure to see my clients gain their desired results. As a child, I became intrigued with sports that required to be in the best of shape. An individual has to be in an extremely physically fit manner, to perform such activities in sports such as “wrestling, boxing, football, etc”. Through the inspiration of need in strength, endurance, flexibility to be conditioned for such capability. Therefore, I have begun to exercise.

      Fluctuating with my weight issues, due to participating in poor choices in diet regimen. I have come to realize that a large percentage and differences of having educated knowledge in nutrition plays a huge role in changing a human physique.

      My new found love from there on for bodybuilding and power lifting became a major factor in my life. I began competing in bodybuilding shows and power lifting meets. Through all my successes in placing on those competitions, I furthermore, cannot express in form of words on how amazing it was to transform my physique in drastic measures...”That is one of my biggest achievements and so it can be yours!” The effort you may make is the outcome of your goal; “You decide on your capabilities, will power and desired gains.”

      What more a client can ask from a “ X93 Fitness Master Trainer” with experience on both sides of the field. Knowledge from first hand experience. My goal is to not just train clients to look good. It is to teach clients that living this kind of lifestyle promotes to a longer healthier life. Exercising helps to reduce risk factors on disease's such as “diabetes, high blood pressure and certain heart conditions”...It also helps to level the daily stresses at it's natural heights. It is a beneficiary to anyone; “A win-win conclusion”.

      Speciality: Power Lifting, Bodybuilding,Toning, Conditioning, Senior & Youth Fitness, Kettle Bells, TRX, Weight loss, Boxing...

      Certification: CPT, by The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

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